Chandelier Accessories

Considerations when purchasing Rawhide Shades: There is no further warranty available for the Rawhide Shades. Rawhide shades can crack over time, especially if they are overheated. Use LED low wattage bulbs. We suggest NOT to use 25 watt or higher bulbs with these shades.

Rawhide Shades are NOT available for Whitetail Deer or Mule Deer Antler Chandeliers.

If there are any replacement items or accessories you need that are not listed here such as replacement glass, please contact us at 1-800-574-3168 or contact@casthorndesigns.com

*Accessories are only guaranteed to fit our products.*

  • Extra Chain

    Extra Chain & Extra Wire

    From: $3.00
  • E15SH2

    Chandelier Lamp Shades

  • dsc00596-2wm

    Replacement Small Lantern Sconce Glass

  • dsc00593-2wm

    Replacement Chimney Glass

  • Replacement Candle Sleeves

    Replacement Candle Sleeves

    From: $2.00
  • dsc00591-2wm

    Replacement Small Downlight Glass

  • Downlight Kit

    Downlight Kit

    From: $50.00
  • Mounting Kit

    Mounting Kit

  • dsc00599-3wm

    Replacement Large Lantern Sconce Glass

  • dsc00588-3wm

    Replacement Large Downlight Glass


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Watch Out!

Beware of cheap Chinese knockoff copies of our products! All of our products are proudly handmade in the USA!

  • We have received several knockoffs that have been returned to us for inferior quality by confused customers that mistook them for products manufactured by us. These returned products are embarrassingly cheap and do not resemble real antlers.