Moose 4 Antler Chandelier

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The Moose 4 Antler Chandelier is excellent for smaller rooms and areas. This antler chandelier has six 25-watt candle lights and weighs a mere 11 pounds. This lighting fixture should be used as an accent light. It is perfect for those dark corners of the room or throughout the room.

Considerations when purchasing Rawhide Shades:There is no further warranty available for the Rawhide Shades. Rawhide shades can crack over time, especially if they are overheated. Use LED low wattage bulbs. We suggest NOT to use 25 watt or higher bulbs with these shades.

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Product Description

This Moose 4 Antler Chandelier is great for smaller areas. This has 6 lights and weighs 11 pounds. Should be used as an accent light to utilize its size and number of lights effectively. This Moose 4 Antler Chandelier comes complete with 3 feet of chain and canopy mounting kit.

This chandelier pairs well with the European Alaskan Moose Mount!

  • UL Listed for U.S. & Canada
  • Approved for Dry Locations Only 
  • Antlers individually hand-stained and finished for authentic look
  • All wiring internal 

Material: Each product is made from a medium-density polyethylene material that is lighter in weight and just as durable.

Lights: 6-25 watt candelabra lights

Bulbs: Not included

Size: 32 inches wide and 28 inches tall (Approximately)

*Due to products being handmade, size varies slightly and measurements given are approximate.

Weight: 11 pounds

Chain: 3 feet included

Mounting Kit: Canopy and mounting hardware included

Ships via UPS

Ships within 5 business days

Made in USA


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