Elk Faux Antler

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This cast resin Elk Faux Antler is a perfect addition to any rustic decor or even modern decor. The reproduction process we use for all of our chandeliers and products starts with these antlers. The antlers are made out of medium-density polyethylene resin material to make them lightweight and durable.  Each antler is individually hand-stained and finished for an authentic look.

Antler Size: 48 inches tall and 17 inches wide (Approximately)

Antler Pair: 2 Antlers (One Left and One Right)

Weight: 4 pounds



Beware of cheap Chinese knockoff copies of our products! All of our products are proudly handmade in the USA!

  • We have received several knockoffs that have been returned to us for inferior quality by confused customers that mistook them for products manufactured by us. These returned products are embarrassingly cheap and do not resemble real antlers. 

Pair this Elk Faux Antler with any of our Elk Antler Chandeliers to tie in the scheme! OR mix it with a Whitetail Deer or Mule Deer Antler Chandelier!

Can be used anywhere to add that simple rustic decor or even modern decor if you get a White Antler!

FREE Shipping (details)

Made in USA—Cast Horn Designs® is the Original Manufacturer. 


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