Whitetail Deer Left Faux Antler Wall Sconce


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The Whitetail Deer Left Antler Wall Sconce is an ideal accent light for any wall. This sconce can be paired with the Whitetail Deer Right Antler Sconce to create a full deer antler look. Brighten up a dull hallway and with this unique and stylish light. It will bring in the outdoors look while not taking up too much space.

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Beware of cheap Chinese knockoff copies of our products! All of our products are proudly handmade in the USA!

  • We have received several knockoffs that have been returned to us for inferior quality by confused customers that mistook them for products manufactured by us. These returned products are embarrassingly cheap and do not resemble real antlers. 

This Whitetail Deer Left Antler Wall Sconce (W1SL) can be used as an accent light. Must be a wall mount. Can be used with Whitetail Deer Right Antler Sconce (W1SR) as a matching wall sconce pair.

These look great when paired with any of the Whitetail Deer Antler Chandeliers!

  • UL Listed for U.S. & Canada
  • Approved for Dry Locations Only 
  • Antlers individually hand-stained and finished for authentic look
  • All wiring internal 

Material: Each product is made from a medium-density polyethylene material that is lighter in weight and just as durable.

Light: 1-25 watt candle light

Bulbs: Not included

Type: wall mount sconce

Total Size: 15 inches wide and 15 inches tall (Approximately)

*Due to products being handmade, size varies slightly and measurements given are approximate.

Plate Size: It is oval shaped. 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall (Approximately)

Ships via UPS

FREE Shipping (details)

Ships within 10 business days

Made in USA—Cast Horn Designs® is the Original Manufacturer. 


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