We are UL Listed

UL Listed
“U.L. Listed” is stated on our products and is seen on millions of construction materials and products. But many people don’t actually know what it means.
We’ll define it and explain the importance here.




Who is UL and what is a UL Listing?

UL (Undewriters Laboratories) is a facility that tests and certifies light fixtures and other electrical devices. By testing it to their rigorous standards, they can ensure the safety of the product.

A published listing states that the product has been tested and complies with the safety standard. Companies and consumers can rely on such a listing to prove safety certification and technical information that is regulated by legal electrical codes.

Any out-of-country manufacturer that wants to sell products here in the U.S. must go through the UL testing process. But many don’t!


Why is a UL listing important?

  • A UL listing means that your product is safe and meets high production standards. Without it, you have no idea how dangerous your light fixture could be. Electricians will NOT install non-UL fixtures and inspectors won’t allow them on jobs. They have to be sure to avoid the possibility of fire or electrocution that can be due to a manufacturing defect.
  • Insurance companies will not look favorably on a fire caused by a light fixture that is not UL labeled.


Why is this important to Cast Horn Designs?

We want to provide a quality product that is SAFE!


Beware of Product Knock-Offs

There are a lot of manufacturers, especially overseas in China, that make products that – in photos – look eerily similar to ours. Outside of the fact that the materials they use are of poor quality, they also have not gone through the UL testing process. There is absolutely no guarantee that these light fixtures don’t have defects that lead to fires, electrocution, or the product not working after a couple weeks.

Beware: those products are cheaper, but for good reason.


Canada’s Standards

Canada has its own testing lab called the CSA (Canadian Standards Assn.). Their approval is required on light fixtures in that country. CSA conforms to the UL standards – and vice versa. The two designations are generally interchangeable as alternatives to one another.

In short, our products are safe in Canada, too.