Learn the difference in aesthetics and in safety between knock-offs and genuine Cast Horn Designs light fixtures. Knowing the difference will save you money in the long run and keep you safe. Make sure you’re buying the real thing!

The Real Thing

We stand behind every one of our Cast Horn Designs products. Every product and all parts are guaranteed to work upon delivery. Our fixtures are UL listed.                                             (UL listing is very important!)

The Knock-Off

An alarming number of cheap knockoff chandeliers have been returned to us because people get confused thinking they are ours. The quality is always inferior and the imitation fixtures can often be dangerously wired and unsafe.

Every one of our fixtures have antlers that are individually hand-stained and finished for an authentic look. All the wiring is internal and safe.
Knock-off products are not concerned about the craft and beauty of each individual antler. Once inside a home, the difference is frustrating.

It’s in the Detail

Take note of the craftsmanship of each product. Remember that even if an online photo on a non-trusted site looks good, they can often be very misleading.

It’s in the Safety

Making sure that a light fixture is UL Listed is extremely important because electricians won’t install them without that validation. Knock-offs from Asia or China don’t go through the rigorous testing of safety that they should. They create a risk for your home and family.

Read more about the importance of UL Listings here.

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