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The Perfect Place For An Antler Chandelier

The truth is they fit well in so many places. From houses to restaurants, bars, cabins, resorts, lodges, offices. We have seen them used greatly in so many places, some are more innovative than others. The important part is that having an antler chandelier brings out...

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The Appeal Behind Antler Chandeliers

Antler chandeliers are one of the most popular choices in lighting fixtures. People all over are enjoying these beautiful pieces in all sorts of locations. From homes to cabins to restaurants, antler chandeliers are being hung all over. What makes them worthy of your...

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6 Gorgeous Buildings with Antler Chandeliers

We love rustic decor – especially when it's coupled with a modern twist. Below are 6 amazingly awesome places that feature beautiful Cast Horn Designs chandeliers. If you've ever wondered why people are keen on antler chandeliers, these photos are your answer. Without...

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Punch Bowl Social

Deer Antler Chandelier Meets Modern Design Punch Bowl Social recently showed the nation how they use antler chandeliers to create a grungy modern area that is both inviting and eclectic. All over the country, Cast Horn Designs' Antler Chandeliers are bringing a fun...

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The History of the Deer Antler

It seems mankind has always placed value in deer antlers. If you have ever found or hunted your own set of antlers, you'll know why they are so special. The natural design and color of antlers make them natural pieces of art. After a long, successful hunt, those...

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Decorating Your Rustic Bathroom

There are many decorating styles for bathrooms. One very popular style today is the rustic bathroom. This designs brings the feeling of the outdoors as well as designs from the “old west”. The point of these bathrooms is to make you feel cozy and closer to nature....

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Antler Chandeliers: Rules For Finding The Right Size

Selecting the size of your antler chandelier will depend on the size of the room and the chandelier’s relationship with the furniture. Believe it or not, there are actually some quick and easy rules to follow when figuring out the most aesthetically-pleasing antler...

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Choosing the Right Antler Chandelier

So you need a new chandelier. How do you decide what works best for you? Lighting is meant to make an area look better so it’s important that the chandelier is at the right spot and height for the biggest impact. For starters, add the dimensions (length and width) of...

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The History Of Wagon Wheel Chandeliers

Wagon wheels have been used in decorations for centuries. They are the perfect traditional and antique combination that enhances the beauty of any area. Back in the day, wagon wheels were very popular in churches. Before electrical lights, the wagon wheel had to be...

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6 Unexpected Ways to Decorate Using Antlers

Usually antler décor builds a vision of big log cabins out in the woods. These are typically warm and rustic spaces where antlers tie in perfectly. However, it's amazing how designers work antlers into all different kinds of spaces. Antler chandeliers and décor are...

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6 Tips for Decorating with Lamps

Lamps are essential for the lighting and overall style of a room. The style of any home can be enhanced by adding table and floor lamps in the correct places. Unique lamps are eye-catching and easy to incorporate into any space.   What to Consider When Choosing a Lamp...

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Cast Horn Designs on FYI TV: “He Shed She Shed”

Hi Friends! This month we had the pleasure of participating on the FYI TV’s series “He Shed She Shed”. In this show, there are two shed owners that work on turning their sheds into remarkable areas. Watch for our Whitetail Deer 9 Antler Chandelier in Episode 6: “Shed...

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6 Pieces That Add Rustic Charm to Your Home

Hi friends! Unique, rustic pieces add charm and personality to your home. Today we're showcasing a few of our favorite decorating ideas with pieces from Cast Horn Designs!   This is our Single Whitetail Deer Shed Antler. The versatility and size allow the shed to...

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European Mount Decorating Ideas

Hi friends, We want to share a few ideas for beautifying your home by decorating with Reproduction European Mounts from Cast Horn Designs! These mounts are simple pieces, yet they can change the entire aura of a space. This is our European Alaskan Moose...

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Cabin Getaways Made Easy!

If you are looking to find some peace and quiet on your upcoming vacation, along with some comfort that feels like home, a cabin getaway may be just what you need to look into. Cabins offer a lot more room than the traditional hotel room, but also have a lot of the...

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