Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q- What hours can I call and order by phone? 
    • We take phone orders 5 days a week from 8am-4pm MST. Online ordering is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for lower USA.
  • Q- Do you ship to Canada? 
    • Yes, we ship to Canada. Freight items can be ordered online, however all other products will have to be purchased over the phone or through email. All Canada orders are responsible for their own broker and broker fees.
  • Q- How long until my order ships? 
    • Smaller products ship within 10 business days through UPS. Freight items ship within 10 business days through LTL trucking.
  • Q- Where are your products made? 
    • Our products are handmade here in the USA. All of our products are manufactured by us, Cast Horn Designs.
    • Beware of cheap Chinese knockoff copies of our products! We have received several knockoffs that have been returned to us for inferior quality by confused customers that mistook them for products manufactured by us. These returned products are embarrassingly cheap and do not resemble real antlers.
  • Q- What light bulbs do these chandeliers use? 
    • They use a certain style of candelabra bulb that tapers down. Candelabra lights are 25 watt and downlights are 60 watt. Examples in picture to the right.
  • Q- What if I need to return a product? 
  • Q- Are your products UL listed for USA and Canada? 
    • Yes, our products are inspected and approved by UL requirements for both the USA and Canada. Read more about what this means here.
  • Q- Why are there cheaper versions of rustic lighting on other sites?
    • There is an increasing amount of knock-off lighting on the web that, frankly, doesn’t come close to the quality or beauty that our make our products so popular. Read more about the difference between knock-offs and our products.


For tips on decoration and helpful facts about antler chandeliers visit our blog.

Cast Horn Designs Product Specifications


*Due to products being handmade, size varies slightly and measurements given are APPROXIMATE!

Mule Deer 4 Antler Chandelier24184
Mule Deer 6 Antler Chandelier32206
Mule Deer 9 Antler Chandelier362012
Mule Deer 12 Antler Chandelier37228
Mule Deer 16 Antler Chandelier373512
Mule Deer 20 Antler Chandelier373512
Whitetail 1 Antler Wall Sconce15151
Whitetail 2 Antler Wall Sconce18151
Whitetail 2 Antler Table Lamp15201
Whitetail 3 Antler Table Lamp15261
Whitetail 1 Antler Pendant16161
Whitetail 2 Antler Spiral Pendant16202
Whitetail 3 Antler Pendant12151-60 watt DL
Whitetail 3 Antler Chandelier22123
Whitetail 3 Antler Cascade Chandelier21113
Whitetail 3 Large Antler Pendant21161-60 watt DL
Whitetail 4 Antler Spiral Pendant20363
Whitetail 6 Antler Chandelier24114
Whitetail 9 Antler Chandelier32116
Whitetail 9 Antler Cascade Chandelier24156
Whitetail 9 Large Antler Chandelier27213
Whitetail 10 Antler Chandelier W/3DL (oblong)32 long, 25 wide143-60 watt DLs
Whitetail 12 Antler Chandelier31166
Whitetail 12 Antler Cascade Chandelier32149
Whitetail 12 Large Antler Chandelier24256
Whitetail 15 Antler Chandelier302012
Whitetail 15 Wide Antler Chandelier40129
Whitetail 21 Antler Cascade Chandelier322012
Whitetail 24 Antler Chandelier422615
Whitetail 30 Antler Chandelier502718
Whitetail 42 Antler Chandelier504227
Horse Collar with Mirror2023N/A
Elk 6 Antler Chandelier55329
Elk 6 Antler Chandelier W/3DL (oblong)60 long, 41 wide306-25 watt candelbra & 3-60 watt DLs
Elk 9 Antler Chandelier603212
Elk 12 Antler Chandelier604812
Elk 15 Antler Chandelier606012
Elk 18 Antler Chandelier605621
Elk 30 Antler Chandelier727221
Moose 4 Antler Chandelier32286
Moose 6 Antler Chandelier W/1DL51268-25 watt candelabras & 1-60 watt DL
Moose 10 Antler Chandelier W/1DL60348-25 watt candelabras & 1-60 watt DL
Mule Deer European Mount2826N/A
Whitetail European Mount2222N/A
Elk Set European Mount4656N/A
Moose Set European Mount6052N/A
Single Whitetail Deer Antler1517N/A
Single Mule Deer Antler1621N/A
Single Elk Antler1748N/A
Single Moose Antler2840N/A
Wagon Wheel – Small30126
Wagon Wheel – Small sm Lantern Sconce30126
Wagon Wheel – Small W/6DL30126-60 watt DLs
Wagon Wheel – Small Mule Deer41236
Wagon Wheel – Large42127
Wagon Wheel – Large W/7DL42127-60 watt DLs
Wagon Wheel – Large sm Lantern Sconce42127
Double Wagon Wheel424011
Ox Yoke Chandelier46232
Double Ox Yoke Chandelier46234
Lantern Sconce Small6101
Lantern Sconce Large7131

*Due to products being handmade, size varies slightly and measurements given are APPROXIMATE!