Moose Antler Chandeliers

The North American Bull Moose is a majestic animal that represents the beautiful mountains and forests of the American Northwest. These reproduction antler chandeliers bring that unique beauty into your home. Enjoy! The benefits of having reproduction antlers is in their lightweight strength and a huge difference in price while looking incredible realistic.

To compare product sizes, take a look at the chart on the FAQ page! To make sure you find the right fit for your space with this Rules For Finding The Right Size.

When we first started, we made the commitment to always have all of our products be “Made in the USA” and we stand by that today that includes these Moose Antler Chandeliers. Each product is made from a medium-density polyethylene material that is lightweight but incredibly durable and we are proud of the quality. Each part of our products are hand finished and worked to ensure authenticity and quality.

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