So you need a new chandelier. How do you decide what works best for you?


Lighting is meant to make an area look better so it’s important that the chandelier is at the right spot and height for the biggest impact.


For starters, add the dimensions (length and width) of a room together in feet, then convert it to inches. This will equal the ideal diameter of your lighting fixture. So if your room measures 12 feet x 14 feet, the diameter of the fixture should be approximately 26 inches.


However, that rule isn’t always the best for dining rooms!

The size of the table has to be taken into account. Usually the diameter of the fixture should be about a foot less than the width of the table. This allows for ease of movement around the room.

Interior, vertical, dining room, Gilchrist residence, Monterey, Tennessee, Honest Abe Log Homes

(Interior, vertical, dining room, Gilchrist residence, Monterey, Tennessee, Honest Abe Log Homes)

A typical rule of thumb is that a chandelier should be 12 inches narrower than the table while being at least 48 inches from the room walls. Keeping it 30 to 34 inches above the table will give room for taller items on the table. If possible, the chandelier should be in the center of the dining room table and have lower wattage bulbs to reduce heat & glare.


DON’T be afraid to go with a larger chandelier above your table if your room needs a big statement.


DO use chandeliers in different rooms; they look great in kitchens, bedrooms, bath rooms, patios and even offices.


DON’T be afraid to mix up the style! A rustic, vintage piece can look great in a contemporary, modern room and a modern chandelier can look terrific in a rustic room full of antiques.