Selecting the size of your antler chandelier will depend on the size of the room and the chandelier’s relationship with the furniture. Believe it or not, there are actually some quick and easy rules to follow when figuring out the most aesthetically-pleasing antler chandelier size for your space.

Rule 1 – Diameter

Chandeliers that are too small or too big won’t do your room any favors. To find the best size, you’ll need to start with this rule. First you’ll need to measure the width and length of the room the chandelier will be hanging in. Once you find those measurements, you simply add them together to find the chandelier diameter.

For example, if the room is 25 feet wide and 35 feet long, then the sum of those measurements is 60 feet. That means you can easily fit an antler chandelier that is 60 inches in diameter (like this one):elk antler chandelier

Of course, you also have to account for room height. Which brings us to rule 2.

Rule 2 – Height

Calculate your chandelier height by measuring the height of the walls. Generally, you can get away with 2-3 inches per foot of ceiling height. So if your room is the standard 8 feet high, you’ll feel comfortable with a 20-24 inch chandelier.

Keep in mind – the taller the room, the taller the chandelier – but the bottom should never be less than 7 feet above the floor (unless in the dining room).

Rule 3 – Dining Room

If your antler chandelier is going to be placed over the dining room table then the rules change slightly. For starters, you can bring the chandelier down further to sit over the table. Here you won’t have to worry about people hitting their heads on it.

Secondly, the proper diameter in this situation is usually about ½ to ⅔ the width of your table. So your table is 50 inches wide? You can feel good about a 24-32 inch antler chandelier sitting over you.

dining room antler chandelier

Rule 4 – Do What Looks Good & Surprise Yourself

Maybe this shouldn’t even be a rule, but more like a life motto. Hang that rustic antler chandelier to add personality to a room and help bring it all together.

Don’t be afraid to hang chandeliers in often overlooked places – the baby nursery, your office, the covered patio. Think about having the antlers painted to liven up a room! Most of all, follow your imagination and surprise yourself.

blue elk antler chandelier

Remember that Cast Horn Designs is here to help you bring the perfect touch to your space with chandeliers featuring elk antlers, moose antlers, deer antlers, and even wagon wheels!

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