Usually antler décor builds a vision of big log cabins out in the woods. These are typically warm and rustic spaces where antlers tie in perfectly. However, it’s amazing how designers work antlers into all different kinds of spaces. Antler chandeliers and décor are being used by designers in more ways than ever imagined before. And with faux antlers from Cast Horn Designs, these stunning statement pieces no longer require harming an animal.


Here are 6 examples of how designers incorporate faux antlers in unique ways:


We can’t get over how elegant this dinner setting is! Who knew that the perfect lighting to a fancy dinner would be a rustic antler chandelier? 

faux antler table setting cast horn designs


Check out our Elk 18 Antler Chandelier in dark blue! It certainly gives this gorgeous living room a jolt of energy.

blue elk antler chandelier cast horn designs


As Becky Harris from Houzz says, “A lone antler is a striking natural object to use…”


“… or in an arrangement with other objects.”

Whitetail Deer 4 Antler Spiral Pendant


Hang European Mount Antlers in a set to add a spin on this traditional rustic look.

european mount antler set cast horn designs


This antler chandelier was carefully chosen to enhance the beauty of this kitchen and dining area.

antler chandelier kitchen and dining room cast horn designs


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