If you are looking to find some peace and quiet on your upcoming vacation, along with some comfort that feels like home, a cabin getaway may be just what you need to look into. Cabins offer a lot more room than the traditional hotel room, but also have a lot of the luxuries that you would have available at home at your disposal. They give you a chance to get away from the busy noisy life of the city, and you will blend in well at these locations. Cabin getaway destinations are gaining in popularity, mainly due to the attainable quiet from everyday life, and they are often offered with great rates in comparisons to the high priced city hotel chains. While there are great cabin locations in all areas, here are some of the more popular choices.

  • The cabins in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado are a huge hit for a getaway. Not only is it quiet, but there are a lot of features there to take advantage of, such as skiing and amazing views. There are several cities in the area that offer these cabin rentals, sure to ensure that there will always be an opening if you decide to make this your cabin getaway destination.


  • Lake Michigan also has a lot of options of renting a cabin. Most of these cabins are located right on the beach, since Michigan is surrounded by water. There are an endless amount of cities that offer amazing rates for these rentals, and there are a lot of activities that can be done within driving distance as well. This is a great location in the summer to read by the beach or swim from dusk til dawn as well.


  • If you are looking to vacation in California, Lake Tahoe offers some of the prettiest cabin locations around. The best part is that this location is open year around and neighbors Nevada for even more opportunities to do things away from the cabin. There are a lot of water sports offered as well, and it great for taking long walks along the shore to take in the scenery.
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  • There are also great things to see in Pennsylvania, in the famous Dutch Country. There are cabins available here, and lots of sights to see. This is the location of some of the most famous covered bridges and for your eateries, there are tons of Amish bakeries and markets. This is a beautiful location to take in during the fall, as the leaves will accent the bridges and roads in a way that you have to see for yourself.

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  • The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are also a great cabin getaway location. Some of these cabin options are near the famous national park located there, giving families lots of outdoors activities to enjoy together. There are hiking trails, many places to fish, and waterfalls to see and swim in. Truly a sight to be seen by all.


These are just some of the more popular areas that you can plan a cabin getaway. There are thousands more that are located all over the nation, and all are great to get that much needed quiet time. Make the time to research and find what location is the best fit for you. After that, head out and get that vacation started.