There are many decorating styles for bathrooms. One very popular style today is the rustic bathroom. This designs brings the feeling of the outdoors as well as designs from the “old west”. The point of these bathrooms is to make you feel cozy and closer to nature.

*Keep in mind that it is okay to work with just a few of these ideas if you don’t want to go entirely rustic*

So let’s start by bringing in natural materials and tones with wood and stone.



Because the rustic look is very “anti-modern”, you’ll probably want to avoid sleek, squarish shapes and materials. Whatever wood you use, whether for detail or in the cabinets, you’ll want to to have a lot of character there (i.e. blank white cabinets probably won’t work).


Color, Light, and ToneSmall Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce

When you’re deciding on this new look for your bathroom, the biggest things you’ll want to consider are color and light. No matter the bathroom theme, the best thing you can do is bring in natural light. For rustic bathrooms, that focus on light can “bring the outdoors indoors”.

Earth toned colors (browns and greens) with optional flora and fauna patterns or even gingham and plaid will work best. Remember that the point is to make this design feel warm and old-fashioned. Think of designs of fireplaces for ideas of how stone tones can work to your advantage in any room in the house.



Leaving decorative space above and below the cabinets and sink create height and depth in the room. Pedestal sinks can be a great idea to add that illusion.



Extend your theme with unfinished natural wood-toiletry supply storage bins, furniture, or cabinets. Use soap dishes and dispensers in natural/faux wood or real/synthetic stone and copper.

If you really want to sell the rustic bathroom theme, add antler chandeliers or rustic lantern sconces for your light source. Paying close attention to that kind of detail will bring the room together – top to bottom.

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