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We want to share a few ideas for beautifying your home by decorating with Reproduction European Mounts from Cast Horn Designs! These mounts are simple pieces, yet they can change the entire aura of a space.

european alaskan moose mount cast horn designs
This is our European Alaskan Moose Mount. The custom backing really makes it “pop” over this mantle!

elk european mount cast horn designs

Our Elk European Mount echoes the oak branches of this handmade bed. The shadow on the wall adds an exaggerated effect, making the bedroom feel larger.



The best part about these mounts from Cast Horn Designs is they allow you to turn a memory into a keepsake. The placement of this Elk Mount above the fireplace was inspired by a couple’s trips out West. This fireplace is covered in cultured stone directly from the mountains. The Elk Mount looks authentic and ties in perfectly with the decorations surrounding it.



Welcome home! Enjoy the versatility of these Cast Horn Designs Mounts and create a warm home atmosphere. Here is an Elk Mount and two Whitetail Deer Mounts hanging outside. They are an eye-catcher to anyone driving by!



All of our mounts are quick to install. This European Mule Deer Mount is the perfect addition to this blank cabin wall.

reproduction european mount cast horn designs

Our faux mounts can be used anywhere: Bedrooms, Living rooms, on fireplaces, or even outside! Add the perfect piece to your home or cabin from Cast Horn Designs!
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