We love rustic decor – especially when it’s coupled with a modern twist. Below are 6 amazingly awesome places that feature beautiful Cast Horn Designs chandeliers. If you’ve ever wondered why people are keen on antler chandeliers, these photos are your answer. Without further ado, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

The photo above is Umami Burger in Las Vegas. There’s just something about the way antler chandeliers pair with down lighting and contemporary colors. It’s like the perfect crossroads between the great outdoors and beautiful interior design.

This is a more classic example of a perfect home for an antler chandelier. Lofted ceiling, exposed wood, and stone fireplace. It all comes together so nicely – and the lighting is as much a part of the room as every other detail. 10/10 would recommend getting comfy and reading a book in this room.


This example is a bit different. The lighting here helps to capture the essence of the store and provides good, bright lighting for it. We love it!


This beauty is featured in one of the funnest places an adult can hang out: The Punch Bowl Social. The contrast of the lighting versus the exposed ceiling and unique style is just amazing!


Whitetail Deer 30 Antler Chandelier

Number 6. This place looks so cozy. When a restaurant looks like this, you know the food is going to make you smile. It just wouldn’t quite be the same without the chandelier accent!


Thanks for visiting these places with us! We love seeing how many different spaces our antler chandeliers can light up and look great doing it! Let us know if you have questions about getting lighting or rustic decor for your business or home. Check out our options here.