It seems mankind has always placed value in deer antlers.

If you have ever found or hunted your own set of antlers, you’ll know why they are so special. The natural design and color of antlers make them natural pieces of art. After a long, successful hunt, those pieces of art are your trophy and celebration. Just as in primal cultures, you feel the beauty and power in deer antlers. You want to show them off.

Research and archeology has shown that as far back as ten thousand years ago, primitive cultures used antlers for tools, decoration, and ceremony. Leaders in that day are believed to have worn headdresses and jewelry made from deer antlers. Because antlers are harder than bone, tools such as hammers, arrow heads, and stone cutting tools could be made from them. Their usefulness was abundant. 

Representation of a headdress that prehistoric shamans made with deer antlers and bones.

By the late 15th century, people were using antlers for all kinds of things, including making chandeliers. ( Hundreds of years later, monarchs and dignitaries wanted their castles and manors decorated with antler pieces as much as possible. They began requesting furniture made with deer and elk antlers. Some of these pieces still exist today in museums.

In modern times, the trend for rustic decor and antler chandeliers has been revived in upper- and middle-class homes. And similar to cultures hundreds of years ago, many people today  “shed hunt” and decorate their homes using deer, moose, and elk antlers. No home or cabin is complete without it. This time around, however, there is one significant difference:


Faux Antlers 

Many people are turning to antler reproductions today because of the high cost of buying real antlers, which can fetch tens of thousands of dollars. An antler chandelier made from real antlers would be nothing short of a small fortune. Somewhat ironically, with today’s technology, faux (artificial) antlers can be visibly identical to the real thing and much cheaper. When they are manufactured correctly and with care, they bring about the same magnificent decoration as real antlers. 

In fact, the antlers made at Cast Horn Designs are each individually hand-finished to look authentic. The chandeliers, sconces, and other lighting options are all very lightweight, allowing for easier installation.

Because our faux antlers aren’t the real thing we also have the ability to color them whatever shade you choose. Some popular choices have been all black antlers and pure white. These colors allow you to match your lighting to your interior decor while keeping a rustic feel.

Luckily, today we can “adorn” our own “castles” by showing off our antlers and style with Cast Horn Designs decor.





antler chandelier history

An example of a German “lüsterweibchen” chandelier made with elk antlers.

Elk Antler Chair

A chair made exclusively from Elk Antlers

The modern and beautiful Cast Horn Designs antler chandelier