Wagon wheels have been used in decorations for centuries. They are the perfect traditional and antique combination that enhances the beauty of any area.
Back in the day, wagon wheels were very popular in churches. Before electrical lights, the wagon wheel had to be lowered with a rope to place candles on the wheel. It is thought that this was first an artistic idea, however it is unknown who first decided to make a wagon wheel light.
As time progressed, candles were replaced with lanterns and oil lamps.

Until electricity came along, they still had to be lowered so the lanterns and lamps could be lit at night. Once the lanterns and oil lamps no longer needed lit, the ropes were exchanged for chains to make the chandelier position more permanent.
Today the style of wagon wheel chandeliers is versatile. We offer the choice of downlights, rawhide shades, lanterns, chimney lights, and even one that is combined with mule deer antlers.

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