The truth is they fit well in so many places. From houses to restaurants, bars, cabins, resorts, lodges, offices. We have seen them used greatly in so many places, some are more innovative than others. The important part is that having an antler chandelier brings out a unique design that you can’t get anywhere else.


Home & Office

The rustic design has such a broad range of options, from traditional log cabins to a Tuscan style estate. The amazing part now is that you can bring in that rustic style with accents and lighting options instead of having to build a cabin! The emphasis on nature is the key to achieve any rustic style. See how these chandeliers have brought out the rustic design in these homes and office. You can create such an amazing room, go outside of the box!

Whitetail Deer 9 Antler Cascade Chandelier antler chandelier hanging in rustic kitchen

Restaurants & Bars

When you first think of a restaurant you don’t’ focus on the lighting, but after seeing some of these designs you may double check. Using these fantastic antler designs not only gives the place more energy and personality, but it doesn’t have to sacrifice any practical use to do so. Antler chandeliers can’t be missed and will have people remembering more than just the food. Using an antler chandelier can make you stick out but in a good way!

Whitetail Deer 9 Antler Cascade ChandelierAntler Chandelier in Restaurant

Lodges & Resorts 

Using well-crafted antler chandeliers in a cabin, lodge, or resort is a no brainer if you want to achieve the rustic style. These chandeliers go great with any natural, or wood emphasized buildings. With a variety of shapes and sizes, you will be able to find a perfect fit.

antler chandelier in cabin mobile size antler chandelier restaurant lighting

An important thing to note is how big of a chandelier will you need, and how to make sure to pick the right size. We have a great guide on how to pick out the best fit for your needs. If you still have any questions feel free to give us a call and we can work with you to find the best fit.