Deer Antler Chandelier Meets Modern Design

Punch Bowl Social recently showed the nation how they use antler chandeliers to create a grungy modern area that is both inviting and eclectic. All over the country, Cast Horn Designs’ Antler Chandeliers are bringing a fun atmosphere to the social playground that is the Punch Bowl Social.


Why It’s Impressive

In Detroit, above the rounded bar, surrounded by lush blue seats, hangs a giant, beautiful deer antler chandelier. Another hangs over the bowling alley and yet another over some tables and lounging chairs.

These lights, combined with the intriguing decor, the elegant seating, and the exposed ceilings, create what can only be described as a fun, engaging, and “dope” atmosphere.


Deer antler and elk antler chandeliers are most definitely not only for a log cabin in the woods anymore. They have been used to spruce up modern homes, enhance fine dining, and light up bowling alleys. Browse our products for ideas on how you can bring out character and diverse taste in your designs.

Let our rustic lighting change your space for the better, where ever it may be!