Lamps are essential for the lighting and overall style of a room. The style of any home can be enhanced by adding table and floor lamps in the correct places. Unique lamps are eye-catching and easy to incorporate into any space.


What to Consider When Choosing a Lamp

rustic lighting decorating with lamps cast horn designsInterior Designer Judith Balis says, “Think of a lamp as part of the jewelry of a room.” For proper lighting, every room needs some combination of general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting to provide sufficient radiance and help set the mood of the atmosphere.

Generally, table and floor lamps fall under the task lighting category because they are decorative and functional. When selecting a lamp to fit your needs, the size, shape, and style all have to be considered to ensure the lamp is the right choice for the space.



A lamp can be all the difference for the style of a room. The style can be greatly impacted by the color of the lamp. For example, the White Antler Table Lamp brings a different feel than the Natural Antler Table Lamp because of it’s color. 



For a contemporary look, choose simple, streamlined lamps that fit the décor of the space. For a more rustic look, you want rugged yet natural looking lamps that add to the feel of the room such as an Antler Table Lamp. If a room needs more color or texture, a lampshade that is unique will add the perfect decorative touch. 



In terms of shape, the lampshade needs to be proportionate to the base to make the décor flow.



Along with the shape and style, the size must be considered when choosing a lamp. Keeping an appropriate scale in mind will help in picking the appropriate size of a lamp so that there is not a massive lamp on a tiny table or vice versa. The shade should hide all internal hardware of the lamp and be approximately 1/3 or ¼ the size of the base.



Another important decision when choosing a lamp is determining how much light needs to be let in through the lampshade. If the lamp will be used for actual light and reading, translucent shades are best. However, if it’s just being used as an accent piece then an opaque shade would add a more dramatic, stylish effect.



As far as placement goes, floor lamps are perfect lighting options for darker corners and reading areas. Table lamps help fill up the rest of the room with light and look best on a nightstand, end table, or desk.


Rustic Lamps and Lighting From Cast Horn Designs

Make sure the lamp you choose fits your lighting needs and also ties in with the style you’re going for. Cast Horn Designs has a variety of Rustic Lighting options that not only bring the perfect lighting into your home or cabin, but add unique charm to enhance your style.

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