Antler chandeliers are one of the most popular choices in lighting fixtures. People all over are enjoying these beautiful pieces in all sorts of locations. From homes to cabins to restaurants, antler chandeliers are being hung all over.

What makes them worthy of your consideration? Here are a few advantages of antler chandeliers:

Antler Chandeliers Make Your Home Feel Warm

As homeowners, we spend a lot of time trying to get the most out of our living spaces. We want them to be comfortable, practical, and beautiful. Trends come and go, but it’s what’s behind those trends that’s worth paying attention to – the “feeling” our homes put forth.

Think of what you’re trying to do as you decorate and outfit your home. You want to feel a certain way, and you try to use different elements to accomplish this. Antler chandeliers, and other rustic-themed lighting fixtures such as antler sconces, lantern sconces, ox yoke lanterns and antler table lamps are all unique ways to put forth a certain feeling.

Antler-based lighting fixtures such as antler chandeliers are a perfect way to bring natural warmth into your home. Picture an antler chandelier, casting warm yellow light in a room with the right amount of open space and wood-based structure. Feels cozy, doesn’t it?

deer antler chandeliers

Antler Chandeliers Give a Room Character

Antler chandeliers are an easy way to bring an extra element of uniqueness and flair to a room. They can take an elegant and simple living space and give it the right touch of authenticity and earthiness. It goes without saying – antler chandeliers breathe nature into a room and a home.

Another important aspect of antler chandeliers is how they spread light in your home. As the light emits across the tines in your chandelier, a vine of contrasting shadows and warm light are cast across the walls of your room. The end result is a unique ambience and relaxing effect that can entirely change the look or feel of a home.

antler chandeliers

Antler Chandeliers Come in All Sizes and Applications

You don’t have to own a cabin or have a lighting vacancy in your living room to enjoy an antler chandelier. You can go with a smaller antler chandelier in the right sized bathroom – one that features a high enough ceiling. A small to medium sized antler chandelier also makes a great addition to a dining room.

If you don’t have the right space for an antler chandelier, or you want to accent your antler chandelier, other antlers-based options will work well. Antler sconces and lanterns are great additions. They work well in hallways and bathrooms, and atop accent and coffee tables. You can really take the natural motif of your home to the next level with the right antler lamp or sconce.


rustic lighting decorating with lamps cast horn designs                  Whitetail Deer 2 Antler Spiral Pendant     Whitetail Deer 1 Antler Pendant Prototype*


Now is the time to add an antler chandelier to your home. It’s a beautiful way to add warmth and character to any room. When you make the plunge, it’s important to be careful. Don’t fall for knockoffs, and don’t sacrifice any quality or durability. Let Cast Horn Designs provide you with a long-lasting American-made antler chandelier that you and your family will enjoy for years. There’s a reason that Cast Horn Designs is the largest supplier of reproduction antler artwork and lighting in the United States. With over 50 designs and styles available, you’ll be able to find the exact piece you’re looking for.

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