Rustic home decor can deliver an element of warmth to your home. You can achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere through using natural elements and colors. With the use of carefully selected organic shapes and wood tones, you can bring the outdoors inside of your home.

Here are some easy tips to create a rustic-style in your home or cabin. Follow this advice and you’ll be well on your way to a much more stylish home – in no time.

rustic decor with antler chandelier

Use Wood

Wood detailing is an important piece of rustic decor. It’s got to be the right wood, though.
Instead of using shiny and finished wood pieces, shift your focus to more raw, natural and unfinished woods. There’s a wide range of wood pieces that fit within this motive – from driftwood looks to heavily distressed wood pieces. Finding the right wood pieces will instantly give your rooms and your home a warm and organic feel.

Accent with Metals

Dark metal details are the next step in rustic decor. They pair perfectly with organic and distressed wood. Look for metal accents and pieces that feature dark metal with crisp and clean lines. This will help your dark natural wood to stand out, and you’ll already find your decor being tied together naturally.
That’s the end goal – find stuff that works, without effort, and plays off of each other. Dark metal accents aid in this.

Find the Right Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures are a great way to add character and dimension to your home, with ease.
One of the best ways to do this is to think outside of the box. Faux antler chandeliers are increasing in popularity amongst designers, and for good reason, too. These chandeliers are not only intended to hang in a log cabin in the woods.
They’re being used to bring elegance to modern homes. Antler chandeliers are rustic lighting pieces that can help to bring life and warmth to your home.